Meet Mims Blue

Meet Mims Blue, a very talented singer-songwriter from Berlin. I got to know her during our studies at Humboldt University, Berlin. When I wrote on Facebook that I am currently doing some portfolio work and looking for models, she was one of the first to respond. So I interviewed her a little because for me as a photographer it is super important to get a feel for a person before I take pictures of them. Like the usual questions: What is your music about? What do you want the listeners to feel when they hear your music? And so on and so forth. And of course, I also asked her: What kind of style do you want your pictures to be? What kind of backdrop do you like? What mood do you want to convey? And she said that basically, she wanted to have a more colorful backdrop with graffiti and stuff that conveys the mood of her Music.

Welcome to Kreuzberg

So we set a date for our photography session and headed for Kreuzberg. Cause Kreuzberg is hip and cool and you definitely find some beautiful backdrops for a Personal Branding photography session. I mean, especially for a singer-songwriter ’cause Berlin is the hub for creative People. And there we started our photography session while it was – I don’t know – minus six degrees outside. So literally it was freezing cold, she wanted to play guitar and sing, I wanted to take pictures. In addition, the sun was setting and it got colder. But you know: Determined people are kind of unstoppable.

How to deal with the cold

Apparently taking pictures or doing a personal branding session in the cold is no fun. So we covered the basics and took the necessary pictures. Then we decided that for health reasons it might be better to reschedule and doing another session with graffitis as a backdrop in late March or April. Good thing we were not working on a tight schedule and a close Deadline so we have some time left to make more amazing pictures.

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